The 6 Core Values of the NHS - NHS Interview Questions

For any interview within the NHS, No matter what role you are applying for, The chances are you will be asked some questions based on the core values of the NHS.

Therefore it's a good idea to get to know and understand the 6 core values of the NHS which are written in the NHS constitution

Now let us discuss these 6 NHS core values in detail

Working together for patients. 

This value represents working with NHS teams to provide brilliant care to the patients. Teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation are all essential. Every part of this must be carried out with patients' best interests as the first priority. 

Respect and dignity 

Every patient, visitor, carer, or any other member of NHS staff must be valued as an individual. Each person has their own beliefs, needs, priorities, and abilities. All these must be treated with respect and dignity by all others

Commitment to quality of care. 

This is all about providing and setting high-quality standards, High quality of care and treatment, and showing dedication to continually improving the services offered. This includes safety and safeguarding, efficiency, etc. 


With all your skills, knowledge, and medical expertise. The NHS worker should treat patients, visitors, and staff with compassion, kindness, patience, empathy, and understanding

Improving Lives.

All come to the NHS in need of help, and the organization and its staff must recognize that they play an important role in improving the quality of life for everyone they treat. By highlighting this value, the NHS aims to offer the best patient experience possible and to continuously improve its facilities and services

Everyone counts.

The NHS is vital for all the communities and it must enhance community life by reaching out to all. The NHS must actively fight for discrimination and all should be treated equally

The NHS should treat everyone equally regardless of their belief, ethnicity or culture

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