NHS Band 6 Interview Questions, Answers, and Tips 2022

In this post, we shall discuss the generic and advanced interview questions and answers and how to approach these sets of questions when answering them. 

Here is the list of NHS Band 6 interview questions and answers

Tell me about yourself?

How will you answer, tell me about yourself in an NHS Interview?

Approach / Tip: In this NHS Band 6 interview question, You will need to show that you have skills, experience, knowledge and you are competent enough to meet the expectations of the role. 

You will need to answer based on the responsibilities that you will handle. In your answer, you can mention these responsibilities. 

  • Provide first-class patient care. 
  • Communicate effectively with the patient and other staff. 
  • The importance of health, safety, and security.
  • Maintain competency in your role.
  • Working effectively with a team and being a part of a team. 

Your answer to the question “Tell me about yourself ” will be :

Over the past years, I have gained considerable experience and knowledge in various different areas and situations that have enabled me to consistently maintain competence in my role. 

My top priorities are health, safety, and security along with carrying out my duties and this focus allows me to provide outstanding care for our patients. In everything I do, I consistently demonstrate respect and compassion and I always focus on delivering a first-class service to the NHS. 

I am a professional with good technical skills and knowledge. I have a definitive career development plan and I always ensure I dedicate time to my own professional development. 

Finally, I am a strong communicator and I understand that communication is a two-way process. If I am successful, I will always support other NHS workers, teams, and departments to achieve their goals and will follow NHS working guidelines and practices. <

Why do you want to work for the NHS?

I want to work for the NHS because it is one of the best healthcare organizations in the world, In my opinion. Everyone working here is very passionate and the effort they put in to deliver outstanding patient care.

Everyone I have seen in the NHS works tirelessly to provide a service that meets the expectations of the patients and there is a real commitment for continuous improvement and development.

Working for this organization would be a great privilege and I would take pride in collaborating with all the other healthcare professionals to meet the objectives of this NHS trust. 

Tell me about a time when your communication skills helped to resolve a confrontational or challenging situation? 

In this question, The Interviewer wants to know how good you are at effective communication and how you will resolve the problem. 

Here is an example answer that you can give to the interviewer. 

It was a very busy period at our department and patients' waiting time was excessive. 

I overheard a man being rude and confrontational towards the ward clerk. He was fully frustrated with the amount of time he was having to wait. Although the ward clerk was capable of handling the situation, I knew under how much pressure they were dealing with.

I stopped so I could talk to the man. I asked him to explain the issue. I listened to him and I demonstrated understanding and empathy for excessive waiting times.

I then went on to explain that we were all genuinely working as fast as we could and his ongoing patience was very much valued and that he had my word we get to see him as soon as possible. 

Just by listening to him, showing the level of understanding, and reassuring him that we would resolve it fast, I was able to defuse the situation. 

Tell me about a time when someone asked you to do something that went against your values?

Tip: This is an NHS behavioral interview question, Pick one of the NHS values to answer this question. 

Here is how you will answer this behavioral Band 6 interview question

I was working alongside a healthcare assistant taking care of elderly patients in a previous role. We had a very busy schedule that day and we needed to remove the patient from a chair to their bed. 

Unfortunately, due to the size of the patient, we needed four people to safely move him. However, it was going to be at least 10 minutes before more staff became available. So the healthcare assistant suggested we do it with just the two of us to save time. 

When I refused, They were clearly put out because this would put us back even further. However, I explained to them that there was no way I was going to risk injuring the patient or myself by moving someone who clearly needed greater assistance. 

This I informed them, went against the value of commitment to the quality of care and it was essential we followed correct manual handling procedures. I suggested we wait but in the meantime, we use the time wisely by completing the patient care record and accessing what we needed to do when we reached our next patient. 

Tell me how you have contributed to the health safety and security of previous health care organizations or departments?

This is a commonly asked Band 6 Interview question. Talk about the situations where you were in, where you improved working practices and improved the working of your team and the department. 

Here is how you should answer this Band 6 Interview question. 

In the previous healthcare organization where I was working, I noticed the trends on the steps outside the main entrance to the building were insecure. 

There was clearly potential for harm either for a patient or staff, So I decided to raise the issue with the Health and Safety manager. We both discussed it and categorized it as a potential risk and steps need to be taken to prevent the potential risk from happening.

I understand that the NHS is responsible for ensuring the working environment is safe for everyone including staff and patients. This is the legal requirement under the health and safety at work act 1947 and the management of health and safety at work regulations in 1999. 

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