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When Nigel Farage gave a speech he said if we win it big, WTO Brexit will be on the table. The people were impressed as they wanted to control immigration. He said the EU wants 39 Billion, He said Westminster is on run, he said attacks on him on the newspapers are evidence that they are really worried about the Brexit Party. He said he is not racist. He said Brexit Party has a diverse team of candidates. He said No, He does not want to privatise NHS, But he would like people taking private health insurance to reduce the burden on taxpayers. Yes, he wants to reduce the immigration as European’s are taking our jobs. Yes, he said Britain would do best outside the EU. 

Brexit Party - Overview

The Brexit party is a Eurosceptic political party which was formed in January 2019 and was led by Nigel Farage. The party’s agenda was Britain to withdraw from the European Union and trade with WTO rules if a free trade agreement is not reached between the two sides. Nigel Farage described it as no-deal Brexit. The Brexit Party topped the polls in 2019 European elections.

Nigel Farages Brexit Party
Nigel Farages Brexit Party

Who funded the Brexit Party?

These are the same guys who funded the Tories and their right-wing campaigners. Techtest, a company which is a part of HR Smith. The owner of this company is Richard Smith who funded the Brexit Party with 100,000. Smith’s firm makes electronic components, aerials and radios for aeroplanes and helicopters.

He is also a big Brexit funder. He has funded UKIP 250,000, 125,000 to Labour Leave.

Christopher Harborne has an aeroplane business. He sells aviation fuel and jet planes through various companies. He has given Tories over 400,000. He gave the Brexit Party over 200,000 last year. Harborne’s wife Katharine was a candidate for Brexit Party last year.

Millionaire asset manager, Jeremy Hosking gave 243,000 to the Brexit Party who is also a long-term Tory funder. He gave Tories 100,000 for the 2015 election and also gave 1.7m for Vote Leave in 2016 referendum. 

Millionaire Gary Dutton funded 25,000 to the Brexit Party. He has a company called EIRP Ltd. 

Most of the Brexit Party donation came from Twenty-nine-year-old George Farmer. He funded the Brexit party with 100,000.

Arron Banks gave 450,000 to Nigel Farage after the Brexit referendum. He gave him a Furnished Chelsea home, a car and a driver, and money to promote him in America.

According to various invoices, emails and documents, Arron Banks bankrolled Farage’s Brexit Party. Nigel Farage was also given a Land Rover Discovery and a driver.

Nigel Farages Brexit Party

Brexit Party Policies

  • No extension to the transition period - The Brexit party continued to talk about no-deal Brexit. Nigel Farage wanted clean-break Brexit. The UK will still have to extend or make a concession to trade with the EU since it is one of the largest markets in the world and trade with the EU is vital.
  • No privatisation of the NHS - Farage said that there will be no privatisation of NHS. He encouraged the people to use private health insurance so that there is less burden on the taxpayers. 
  • Reduce Immigration - The policy simple states to reduce net immigration but won’t lead to lowering net immigration. The UK has decided to get in high skilled workers through a point-based immigration system. It does not specify visa’s for key workers in healthcare. 
  • Cutting VAT on domestic fuel
  • Banning the UK exporting its waste
  • Providing free broadband in deprived regions
  • Scrapping the television licence fee
  • Abolishing inheritance tax
  • Scrapping High Speed 2
  • Abolishing interest on student loans
  • Changing planning to help house building
  • Reforming the Supreme Court
  • Reform the voting system to make it more representative
  • Abolish the House of Lords
  • Make MPs who switch parties subject to recall petitions
  • Reform the postal voting system to combat fraud

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