Band 6 Nurses Salary UK 2022 

What is a Band 6 Nurse?

Band 6 NHS nurses are professional skilled Nurses, with great knowledge, qualifications and experience. Band 6 NHS Nurses include Senior Nurses, Health Visitors, Deputy Ward Managers, Specialized Nurses etc.

How much does a band 6 nurse earn in the UK?

  • Band 6 Nurse Salary in England will be ranging from £32,306 up to £39,027.
  • Band 6 Nurse Salary in Scotland will be ranging from £33,072 to £40,736.

The below table shows the salary structure for Band 6 Nurses in England for 2022.

Pay Point Band 6 Pay Scale England
Lowest £32,306
Intermediate £34,172
Highest £39,027

For Scotland, Band 6 Nurse Salary differs from that of England. Below is the Band 6 Salary structure for Nurses in Scotland for 2022.

Pay Point Band 6 Pay Scale Scotland
Lowest £33,072
Intermediate £34,637
Highest £40,736

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