Why 80% of NHS staff oppose 3% pay increase 2021 2022

NHS staff have heavily criticized and opposed the 3% pay increase which was proposed by the UK Government.

UK’s biggest health union, Unison, stated that about 80% of NHS staff are unhappy and have opposed the pay rise and have challenged the government. Only 20% of NHS staff is happy with the pay increase.

Below are some top reasons why NHS staff oppose the 3% pay rise.

  • According to Unison's report, Thousands of NHS Staff including nurses, healthcare assistants, ambulance workers, hospital porters and more are on the brink of leaving their jobs. As other sectors were boosting their salaries to attract more staff. Unison said that NHS workers are looking for a switch for less stressful and better wages jobs elsewhere.
  • Many NHS workers believe their role in fighting pandemic deserves more hike than a 3% pay increase. They say that their hard work does not pay, It was a difficult year and they feel that they deserve more.
  • Tens of thousands of NHS workers have been excluded from the 3% pay rise. It excludes 61,000 Junior NHS doctors, All medics below the level of consultants. 
  • Statistics of TUC shows that remuneration for NHS staff has dropped to between 7.3% and 7.6% over a decade, even after 3% of pay increase offered
  • For Nurses, Registration fees for nursing and midwifery councils have increased with other little expenses. 

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