NHS Interview Questions for Band 7 - Answers, Tips

In order to give better answers in your interview for Band 7, You need to prepare yourself on the below points. 

  • Leadership 
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal and People Development
  • Health Safety and Security
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Quality Care

Since Band 7 positions are senior, You need to prepare much more on the above points.

Below are the NHS Interview Questions for Band 7 position

Why do you want to work in the NHS within this Band 7 position?

I want to work in the NHS within this Band 7 position because the level of responsibility that comes with this role will not only be comfortable with but also I will be able to carry out my duties and responsibilities at an exceptional level. 

Over the past years, I have acquired experience with some amazing people. To get the most out of these people requires managers and leaders who are both inspiring and motivating.

Over the past years, I have been working very hard not only to deliver the values of the NHS, But I have been also working on my own self-development to ensure that I can match expectations for Band 7 roles.

Describe the time when you demonstrated a commitment to the Trust values and behaviors?

Tip: Make sure to be specific by giving an example. Focus on the value.

I was in an inter-departmental meeting to discuss NHS Trust policy and the strategic vision moving forward. 

During the discussion, I noticed that everyone was going away from the core trust values, Primarily because everyone had different priorities and agendas. I raised my hand and stopped the meeting. I reminded everyone that although we come from different departments, We all should be working on one mission, and in order to achieve that we need to focus our discussion on Trust’s core mission of “We are here for you.”

All the members in the meeting appreciated my answer and we worked together to focus on one mission discussion. 

Within the Band 7 NHS position, What experience and knowledge do you think you need to perform the role competently?

Having spent a lot of time researching the role and the department, I would need a significant range of skills, qualities, and experience. 

More notably, I would require experience in all of the core values that are relevant to this NHS trust. 

  • Strong negotiation and influencing skills in order to persuade my team to share the same vision that I have.
  • Knowledge of NHS procedures and methodologies that are relevant to the role, Experience, and conflict and dispute resolution.
  • Experience in using data and information to improve patient services and care.
  • Experience of dealing with difficult, problematic, and stressful situations
  • Experience in managing, inspiring, and leading people.Experience in risk assessments and performance management.

There are many other areas too, But these are the main areas of competence I would need to be proficient in, To perform my duties in line with the position. 

When working within the Band 7 role, What are the most important things to concentrate on?

The most important things to concentrate on are the delivery of the NHS trust values, The competencies and responsibilities within the job description, and also ensuring all staff that I would be responsible for, are inspired and motivated to do their job to the best of their abilities.

If I am successful, I will personally ensure all staff demonstrates a commitment to quality of care, show compassion, respect, and dignity in everything they do, whilst also working together for patients in order to provide outstanding care and improve lives through education and support. These competencies are much needed and important for this role and I will need to plan and organize effectively, lead and inspire the team, Use effective communication and interpersonal skills to build relationships. 

It is a role I feel I can excel in, Due to the fact that I have the necessary competencies, skills, and experience. 

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