In this post we are going to see how to answer one of the most important NHS interview question with tips and answers.

Tip: With NHS core values, There are several qualities needed to work effectively in all NHS band roles

In this type of interview question, the interviewer is asking you about important qualities needed for an NHS job role.

You need to answer the below NHS question based on NHS principles and values.

What are the important qualities needed to work in the NHS?

One of the most important qualities needed to work effectively in the NHS is the ability to work with other team members and people to achieve outstanding patient care.

Within the NHS, One must collaborate with people within their direct team, with people from other departments, and with patients and their families and caretakers to ensure that they receive the right treatment and care. 

The next quality includes communicating effectively in a way that is representative of the six NHS values. This involves listening to patients and talking to them in a manner that is commensurate to their needs.

You must show respect and dignity, carry patient needs assessments and be compassionate and caring throughout each task. Another essential quality is the ability to plan and manage your work properly. It is not acceptable to be late for work or to do things to an unacceptable standard. 

Finally, You need strong leadership skills in your specialized area and show them when required and get the job done. Be open to change and demonstrate honesty, fairness and integrity in everything you do.