No pay increase for NHS staff in Wales - NHS Wales

The Welsh government has been accused of conducting "a botched pay review". 

The health minister of Wales Eluned Morgan announced last week that the minimum pay for NHS health workers in Wales would increase to £10.18 an hour. Ms Morgan then corrected her statement and said that it would be £9.50 an hour and offered her apologies for any of the confusion created.

The Government in Wales said it would offer a 3% pay rise to all NHS workers in Wales, backdated to April 2021, as per the recommendation of NHS pay bodies. 

Few days back Ms Morgan told Senedd members that wages for the lowest paid NHS staff in Wales have gone above the living wage from £9.50 to £10.18 per hour that is £19,918 pa. 

In a latest statement on 30th July 2021, Ms Morgan said starting pay for the lowest paid would remain at £9.50 an hour that is £18,576 a year. 

Welsh Tories health spokesman Russell George was pleased and thankful as Ms Morgan corrected her mistake and apologised to NHS staff. He said "I'm sure no-one bears her ill will for an honest mistake,I hope there aren't any hard-working NHS staff who got their hopes up on the back of this error that led the lowest-paid in the sector to believe they were getting an additional £1,300 a year".

However, Plaid Cymru said that this was a real blow to NHS staff who had worked very hard and had gone beyond during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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