Reasons why not to live and work in the UK as EU citizen 2022

Well, After Brexit EU citizens do not have an automatic right to live and work in the UK. EU citizens need to have work permit and a visa to work in the UK just like other countries. Like wise UK citizens also do not have the right to work and live in EU. These are some of the reasons why it is more difficult to work in UK.

  • Too slow of the recruiting company - As the freedom of movement has ended, The process becomes more complex. Instead UK knowing that EU citizens will be allowed to work in any EU country. Job applicants will need to apply and wait for it to be reviewed. This may be too slow for the recruiting company, so they either do not offer you the job, or withdraw it.
  • Competetion, English Language Qualifications and Applications from countries of lower standard of living - As the freedom of movement has ended, treated in the same way as all applicants from other countries. These may put the EU citizens at disadvantage. Especially given the poor language skills on many people in the UK as many countries have minimum language qualifications for work visas. EU citizens may also be demanding a higher wage than someone from a country with lower standards of living, making EU citizens less attractive as a job applicant.
  • Problems when switching jobs - If you plan to switch job or lose your job, You may have to leave the country immediately (depending on the country and the visa rules). This reduces your ability to find new roles or change jobs in country.
  • Healthcare and Employment Benefits - EU citizen may not have access to things like healthcare or employment benefits in the same way until a reciprocal deal is agreed with the EU. For instance, you may never qualify for unemployment benefits, even if you have been paying taxes for years.
  • Higher Taxes - Due to inflation and Brexit, The taxes in UK are increased and there are energy crises. It may the very expensive country to live in.