Donald Trump in his latest comments had said that NHS “I don’t see it being on the table”. With the interview with ITV, Mr Trump said “Somebody asked me a question today, and I say, ‘Everything’s up for negotiation’ because everything is”

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The US has clearly said in February that Washington would seek full market access for the US drug companies with not-discriminatory with regards to its goods and services. Weakening the NHS on drug prices and access to the UK’s market is the priority of Washington on the trade deal. 

Will NHS be Privatised?

NHS Privatisation Explained

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If the UK makes the trade deal with the US that would restrict the policies that it would implement. As the transition nears, Fears of selling of NSH is resurfaced.NHS is a large and complex organisation. Opening up the UK market for the US is at fears of putting NHS up for sale allowing US investors to buy up shares in the NHS. If the UK government wants to prevent this from happening, It will have to explicitly implement protective measures that prohibit US investors in buying parts of the NHS which in turn would be very hard to negotiate. 

The US government would like a trade deal with the UK to benefit America's big healthcare companies. Labour tried to make a law that the NHS will be excluded from future trade with the US. The Tories voted it down.

Sir Keir Starmer attached an article from the guardian and said that NHS being privatised by the Johnson government. He tweeted “The Tories' new trade bill means the NHS is now unquestionably up for sale.” 

Is Boris Johnson is going to sell NHS to Trump?

Donald Trump might have influence over NHS is because of the type of Brexit the Tories are proposing. Boris Johnson’s Brexit is taking UK out of EU’s custom unions. This means the trade will be harder with the EU.

Tories are wanting ambitious trade deal with the United States. The recent trade deals with countries are not only about tariffs but also opening up markets to foreign firms can increase their profits.

What could be the consequences of the NHS being privatised?

One of the main objectives of American trade negotiators is that the NHS pay a high market price for drugs. That means the UK will have to pay 500 million pounds a week to America.

Even if the UK wants to keep NHS out of the table, They may not have a choice. The Trade expert Tahir Amin makes it clear the UK is in the weaker position due to Brexit is going to be a weaker negotiating party. He said if you look at the negotiation of the US with other countries in recent years, It is inevitable that the US always got what they wanted.

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