Take home pay calculator Ontario, Canada - Calculate tax after income in Ontario

Calculate your take-home pay Ontario using the Salary Calculator. Get to know salary after tax based on your income.

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Salary Calculator Ontario- 2021 to 2022
Subject Yearly Monthly Weekly
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Income Tax 0.00 0.00 0.00
Take Home Pay 0.00 0.00 0.00
Ontario Federal and Provincial tax rates - 2021 to 2022
Federal Tax Federal Tax Rate Provincial Tax Provincial Tax Rate
Up to 48,535 15% Up to 44,740 5.05%
From 48,536 to 97,069 20.50% From 44,741 to 89,482 9.15%
From 97,070 to 150,473 26% From 89,483 to 150,000 11.16%
From 150,474 to 214,368 29% From 150,001 to 220,000 12.16%
Above 214,368 33% Above 220,001 13.16%

Ontario Tax Calculator 2021

Pay after tax in Ontario is determined by the following factors

  • Ontario provincial income tax - This is the provincial tax one has to pay on the income
  • Ontario federal income tax - This is the federal tax one has to pay on the income

The calculator dispays combined federal and ontario tax rates and take home income

Take Home Pay After Tax Ontario

Income tax calculator Ontario shows you:

  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly take home pay based on your annual income.
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly income tax you pay based on your annual income.

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