What does TSB Bank UK Stands for ? - Overview

TSB bank in the UK stands for Trustee Savings Bank. The bank merged with Lloyds Bank in 1995 that resulted in the formation of Lloyds TSB bank UK. Which was again bought by Halifax Bank of Scotland in 2009 and given the name of Lloyds Banking Group.

Is TSB Bank separate from Lloyds Banking Group?

Yes, TSB bank which was a part of Lloyds banking separated on 9th September 2013. 

Why did TSB and Lloyds split? 

Lloyds Bank UK was forced to split and rebrand the TSB bank UK branches by the EU due to the £20 billion of taxpayers money being pumped into the bank during the 2008 bailouts.

Can one use TSB Bank if he or she is a Lloyds customer? 

No, Lloyds and TSB bank customers can no longer use each other's branches. 

What documents are needed to open a TSB bank account in the UK?

Firstly, when opening a bank account in TSB bank, you need to verify your identity and address with the Bank. You will require 2 proofs, 1 proof will be the Identity proof and 1 will be the address proof.

The below documents are accepted by the TSB bank

  • Utility bills for address verification
  • UK passports
  • UK driving license 
  • HMRC tax notification

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