Working as a Team - NHS Values - Tips and Answers

In this post, we will discuss working as a team that is working together for the patients NHS value. It means how effective you can work within a team. We will discuss the tips and answers to this NHS interview question.

Tip: Working together with others is a crucial interview question and is applicable to all the roles and bands within the NHS. Hence you need to show the interviewer that you can be a trusted team worker by giving a concise answer. 

Here is a sample answer that you can tell the interviewer

I have worked as a part of a team for a long time and have a good experience on the same. I always make sure that I focus on these things.

Firstly, my focus is working towards the team goal and encouraging others to do the same. It is always important to focus on an end goal especially when working as a team, It is very easy to lose sight of the end goal.

Secondly, Always be supportive of my work colleagues. Supporting team members by providing them assistance or help when needed makes a great team that can target end goals and accomplishes them. For example, If anyone needs help or support, I would always be there for them. 

Next, I make sure that my team concentrates on working towards each team member's strengths and experiences and utilizes this fully. I really think the best way to get the job done quickly is by utilizing team members' strengths and achieving high standards. 

Finally, I would encourage everyone what we could do to improve next time based on the performance

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