Well, In this post share with you what I have experienced being a software developer in India. This is my experience and it will differ from others

I am having 5 years of hands-on experience in software development. Currently, I am working as a full-stack developer in India. For most of my life, I have worked in startups and mid-scale software companies. 

Firstly Is working at a startup worth it?

Let us discuss the reasons not to work for a startup.

  • Management Treats Software Developers as Slaves: One of the only Engineering Industry in India where Human Resource dominates and decides and the Project management teams listens to it and the skilled software developer works as a slave.Those who survive in management have learned the art of treating workers as slaves, similar to what we see in a chinese movies, where brucelee supports workers !
  • No 9 to 6 Rule: The management ass holes command here and the developers work day and night ( Including weekends at times at deployment ). Because of the skilled software youngsters working day and night the companies are getting profits. If there is a rule that software developers only work between 9 to 6, then many of the Indian IT companies do not exist.
  • Extreme work pressure in the software industry in India: If one is working in Indian Startups and that too a service-based IT firm, Then you should know that you will have to make unrealistic deadlines realistic. You will be the developer and you will not be a person who will decide the timeframe which is required to complete the tasks. The management will decide the time and tell you to complete it. Now they will assign more changes in the tasks and say to you to complete them within that time. As more changes arise you will have to work day and night to complete it. 
  • Never Say NO to Client: Developers Listen to the manager or the client quietly whatever they escalate to us as a matter of fact. In this scenario developers just try to defend themselves as they always have a fear of losing a job if they have an argument with a client or manager.
  • Every Friday is an engineer's day: Now Friday will come and you have done the tasks, Management will have a demo with the client, they will find bugs as the developer did the tasks in hurry. At the end of the day, they will say that there are bugs in the application and you will have to work on Saturdays and Sundays and complete the projects. Along with this they will assign new tasks for you and expect you to work on weekends.
  • Overtime and working on weekends: This is very common in Indian IT firms, Pulling a 12 to 14-hour workday is very common for the people in the IT industry. There is no overtime payment or other benefits and although not explicitly stated employees are expected to stretch the time in office if needed.
  • Insecurity and Uncertainty: Your career will be in the hands of a Project Manager or Delivery manager (or his supervisor and salary hikes will be decided by his boss and it will impact his lifestyle a lot. If you cannot complete the task you will be fired.
  • Management will expect a lot of fruit from one tree: As a developer, you will have to do development, deployment, testing, documentation, discussion on the calls, take the blame in everything and even work late nights.
  • Credit for the work goes to the manager: As a developer, you will work and provide quality work and complete the task in a given time period, by working late nights and on weekends. But in the end, the project manager will take the credit

In conclusion, It is purposely planned modern slavery approved by Indian leaders to the foreign nations in terms of globalization. There are no strict labour rules and laws. Which means you are SOLD !



If you let people treat you badly, they will continue to treat you badly. Stand up for yourself. Quit any job that treats you like a slave and find another one. Does India not have labor laws? From my brief search it seems there is a law that says you may only work 48 hours a week. Report the company for violating that law.


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they must be making tonnnss


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They must be getting projects from Upwork


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